In this fortnight’s episode we talk about the continuing SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, talk about the problem that arises when a rural county suddenly finds itself without a movie theater, and talk about what an SVOD happens to be.

Screen Rant Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Calls Out Netflix For Lack Of Streaming Residuals
Screen Rant This Is Us Star Mandy Moore Reveals Miniscule Streaming Residuals After Appearing In 106 Episodes
Screen Rant Netflix Slammed By Orange Is The New Black & Gilmore Girls Actors Over Poor Residuals
The Star Beacon After serving the community for 30 years, AMC movie theater closes its doors for good
Mayfield Road Drive-In & Midway Twin Drive-In
The Star Beacon Art lovers, pay no heed to the puritanical
English Wikipedia SVOD

Our pick of the fortnight: DUST

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